Telegram Groups

Muslim Women Network of DC Metropolitan Area

We are an independent and strictly non-political support organization community support organization.
Our goal is to serve our diverse community, respecting differences, and building on commonalities.

Here are our existing telegram groups.
Please use appropriate groups for posts.

The main group, Hamyari

Our community's main channel

Classes & Learning

Developing skills together and providing mutual tutorials.


Food, beverages, and other services for events and activities.

Bazar & Garage Sale

Waste not want not…  and get a great deal while you’re at it.

Event Planning

Event planning and discussion, with an emphasis on the beautiful outdoors.

JOBS, Offered/ Seeking

Freebies/ Donations

Useful info

Channel to provide usefull information


All events including burial services


Health, diet, exercise, and wellness—talk about them all here.

Urgent Needs

For immediate concerns and emergencies.

Dua / Religion

Worship, prayer, and discussions about issues of faith.

Products Containing Pig Ingredients

Real Estate